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Redding Interior Design Serving Redding Since 2000

Ellie Hall

Ellie Hall

Redding Interior Designs was founded by Ellie Hall. She is an interior decorator with a keen eye for design and style. She has been designing since 2000. Designing is more than a job to Ellie; it’s her passion.

She has worked on many type and size spaces. From a small bathroom remodel to large home remodels to local commercial projects. No job is too small or too big.

You won’t know what you need or don’t need until you talk to an expert.

Call for a consultation today (530) 768-9201.

Not convinced? Check out some of her more recent projects here:


Residential Interior Design

Looking for a Residential interior decorator in Redding, CA? Redding Interior Designs and Ellie Hall are ready for your job. Ellie has an amazing eye for color and design and is a true artist. She will make your next project her next masterpiece. Projects come in many forms. As a result, she will look at every detail of the project and tie them all together for one beautiful interior design project.

Furthermore, Ellie has worked as an interior decorator in Redding, CA, since 2000. She has always wanted to be an interior designer, but she truly started her business after many people commented on how amazing her home was. She had designed and decorated a 4000 sq. ft custom home from scratch. The part the separates Redding Interior Design from all the others is that she watches your budget like it’s her money. It’s not an open checkbook.

Your next project doesn’t have to break the bank. She will draw out a budget with you and work hard to keep you on track. It can be frustrating when other interior decorators lean too heavy on picking up expensive items to pull together a sub-par design. Make no mistake; interior design is hard work and takes a masterful eye. Simply going to the most expensive store in town and picking items from the showroom is not the way she would do it for her home. And it’s not the way she would do it for your project. Ellie puts in the hard work and only adds pieces that fit the budget and the project description.

Commercial Interior Design

Redding Interior Designs loves working on your commercial interior design. Ellie has worked on many consulting projects and she really enjoys being brought in on the ground floor. She took local hip coffee spot, Caffe Pagato from metal studs to a finished design. She sourced materials from around the region to make it authentically Northern California. Her goal is to incorporate a design that fits the owner’s wants and needs and to bring it all in under budget. She is currently working on a new commercial interior design project for a local dispensary. For new construction, she will work tirelessly with your contractor and subcontractors to keep the timeline running smoothly. Ellie is excellent at communicating with everyone on the project and this really helps avoid any delays.

Small Project Consulting

Have you ever just looked at the wall and you couldn’t decide which paint you liked best? Or you just don’t know if you want carpet, tile, or luxury vinyl? Maybe you and your spouse just can’t agree. Whether you need a 2nd opinion or a tie-breaker opinion, Redding Interior Design can help with your small project consulting. Since Redding Interior Design works on an hourly basis and doesn’t have a job minimum, you can get an expert opinion to help you move forward with your project. No project is too small. Redding Interior Design loves to fit in little consulting projects into their schedule.

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