Interior Decorator in Redding, CA

Interior Decorator in Redding, CA: BLH Designs

Looking for an interior decorator in Redding, CA? BLH Interior Designs, by Barbara Hall is ready for your job.  Barbara has an amazing eye for color and design. She will make your next project her next masterpiece. Interior Decorators come in many forms. Barbara is elite in Redding, CA. She has a unique eye. As a result, she will look at every detail of the project and tie them all together for one, beautiful, interior design, project.

Furthermore, Barbara has worked as an interior decorator in Redding, CA, for the last 20 years. She has always wanted to be an interior designer, but she truly started her business after many people commented on how amazing her home was. She had designed and decorated a 4000 sq. ft custom home from scratch. I think the highlight of working with BLH Designs, is that she watches the budget like it’s her money. It’s not an open checkbook.

By contrast, your next project doesn’t have to break the bank. You will draw out a budget together and Barbara will keep you on track. Its frustrating when other interior decorators lean too heavy on picking up expensive items to pull together a sub-par design. Make no mistake; interior design is hard work and takes a masterful eye. Simply going to the most expensive store in town and picking items from the showroom is not the way she would do it for her home. And it’s not the way she would do it for your project. Barbara puts in the hard work and only adds pieces that fit the budget and the project description.

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BLH Designs works with you to design a project. When you hire BLH designs, you get a partner. Not a boss. Therefore, Barbara will present choices for each aspect of design and let you know what she prefers. But BLH Designs still firmly believes that the customer is always right.

In summary, if you need an interior decorator in Redding, CA, please call Barbara at (530) 515-2294 and schedule your consultation. In conclusion, she looks forward to working with you on your interior design project.

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