Redding CA Interior Decorator

Redding CA Interior Decorator

Redding CA Interior Decorator, BLH Interior Designs, has been working in the industry professionally since 2000. But interior decorating has long been her passion. Every since she was a young teenager, she dreamed of ways to improve the looks and beauty of a room.

She has an AA in Art from Shasta College, but her resume speaks for herself. Barbara been a Redding CA Interior Decorator for many years. She has built a reputation that precedes her. Many who know Barbara know that she is the person to ask if you want an honest opinion and the right advice.

Cafe Pagato in Redding CA

Redding CA Interior DecoratorA recent cafe in town, Cafe Pagato, undertook quite a project, building a cafe from the studs out. But Barbara rose to the challenge. She not only came in under budget, but added a touch of class and modern industrial flair not seen in Redding, CA.

Barbara was excited to take on such a large project and to be able to showcase her abilities for Redding residents daily. It is not often that Redding CA Interior Decorator gets to work on such an exposed project. Barbara worked closely with Cafe Pagato owners, Jenny and Mike. Together, they transformed a small blank space into a modern, industrial, space into one that welcomes it’s customers. The space makes it easy for them to stay hours and hours at a time. Located inside the CalTrans building and across from the Redding Rancheria medical and dental offices, Cafe Pagato truly stands out in that area as a beacon of majestic quiet.

If you would like to consult with Barbara from BLH Interior Designs, please call her at (530) 515-2294. She would be happy to look at your project and discuss the details. In fact, why don’t you meet her at Cafe Pagato and see what she can do for you.