Redding CA Interior Designer

Redding CA Interior Designer

Redding CA Interior Designer, BLH Interior Designs, has been working in the industry professionally since 2000.  Interior Design and interior decorating has long been her passion. Every since she was a young teenager, she dreamed of ways to improve the looks and beauty of a room.

She has an AA in Art from Shasta College, but decided to not move on to Interior Design degree for personal reasons. However, her resume speaks for herself. Barbara been a Redding CA Interior Decorator for many years. If you have a question for an interior designer, make sure to talk to Barbara first. She is amazing at her job.

Bathroom Project

Redding CA Interior DesignerA local resident wanted a beautiful transformation of her bathroom, so she called BLH Interior Designs. Barbara met with the client several times. First, to talk about the overall concept. Then, to make sure that the whole thing worked separately, and in concert. Barbara feels very connected to each of her projects. She wants the client to be happy. She leads, but does not push. In order to be a truly effective interior decorator, one has to truly listen to the customer. I think what separates Barbara and BLH Interior Designs most from other Redding CA Interior Designers, is that she is not selling anything. She is a true consultant. Most Redding CA Interior Designers like to add markup to each of the pieces they use in a design. It is a challenge to find pieces that bring a project together that don’t break the bank. When an Redding CA Interior Designer is motivated by adding a percentage to those pieces, what motivation do they have to save the client money?  That is why Barbara works on projects on a retainer basis. She hopes to save you time and money. Not for you to spend more of it.

If you would like to consult with Barbara from BLH Interior Designs, please call her at (530) 515-2294. She would be happy to look at your project and discuss the details. In fact, why don’t you meet her at Cafe Pagato, one of her commercial projects, and see what she can do for you.